June 5, 2023

Opt-In Panda 2.5.5 Nulled WordPress Plugin Free Download

Opt-In Panda Nulled WordPress Plugin Free Download Give visitors a good reason to leave their emails on your site

Opt-In Panda Nulled subscription blocks some of the content on a web page, masking or scrambling it, and asks the visitor to enter their email address (Opt-In) in order to unblock your content.

In other words, it gives visitors a reason to subscribe now in exchange for instant access to your valuable content (like downloads, discounts, videos, etc.).

Increase the conversion of visitors to subscribers and customers

Hide your premium content behind a subscription form and watch your email subscriptions skyrocket. Easily create free content purchases and provide them only to your subscribers.

With Opt-In Panda, you can:

  • Convert visitors into subscribers efficiently and easily.
  • Create large mailing lists for MailChimp, Aweber, GetReponse (and other services).
  • Send more emails and increase your income.
  • Learn more about your website visitors (name, social profile).

Single Opt-In, Double Opt-In, and Quick Email Confirmation

The plug-in works both in Single Opt-In mode (without email confirmation) and in Double Opt-In model (with email confirmation). You decide which mode to use.

We have done our best to make the Double Opt-In email confirmation process as fast and simple as possible.

Gone are the days when you had to send your followers to a confirmation page. Now your visitors just need to make a few simple clicks by following the instructions that appear after submitting the form to confirm their emails.

No page refresh!

Opt-In Panda Nulled Add Subscribers Directly To Your Favorite Mailing Service

Opt-In Panda Nulled integrates directly with all major email services and plugins:

  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • SendGrid
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • MyMail
  • Mailster
  • MailPoet (including MailPoet 3)
  • FreshMail
  • Acumbamail
  • Sendy
  • K-news
  • SmartEmailing.CZ
  • Sendinblue
  • SG Answering Machine.

Also supports all transactional email services (e.g. Mandrill, Postmark, Mailjet, Amazon SES) and SMTP after installing the appropriate WordPress plugins.

We are constantly adding more email marketing providers to the plugin. In addition, the plugin saves all email contacts received locally in the database.

If you are using another messaging service, you can easily export your contacts from Opt-In Panda Nulled to your messaging service at any time.

Opt-In Panda Nulled Subscribe Visitors through Facebook, Twitter, Google or LinkedIn & Learn Your Audience

In addition to subscribing through the classic subscription form, the plugin also offers visitors the option of subscribing through social media.

When a user subscribes via social media, the locker extracts certain personal data (name, social media profile). This data helps to better understand your audience and your website visitors.

For each social button, you can configure additional actions to be performed when the user clicks on the social network button. For example, you can set up a locker to create a user account on your website.

Note: you can extend the functionality of Opt-In Panda by installing the Social Locker plugin. This makes more actions available (tweet, subscribe, subscribe to Youtube channel, etc.).

Opt-In Panda Nulled Create Interest in Your Content via Overlay Effects

Opt-In Panda Nulled allows you to choose the display mode of blocked content: completely hidden or partially visible.

One of the available blending modes is blur mode. It attracts huge attention and generates huge interest in your blocked content.

If people see and understand what they will receive after unlocking, they are more likely to leave their emails.

Unlimited Custom Fields To Fit Your Business Needs (NEW!)

Custom Fields are a great way to customize Opt-In Panda forms to suit your business needs.

Do you want to ask your visitors for a phone number or address? No problem! You can create your own text fields (with or without input mask), drop-down lists, checkboxes, and more.

Custom field values are saved directly to your email provider and can be exported in CSV format.

Track Your Results with Built-in Advanced Analytics

The plugin collects comprehensive statistics (impressions, conversions) on the performance of your lockers on the pages of your websites.

Easily figure out which lockers on which pages perform best, how to optimize your lockers, and what you could do differently to improve your results.

Beautiful Attention-Grabbing Styles Optimized For the Highest Conversion Rates

With Opt-In Panda, you have 3 ready-made styles.

Each style has been finalized by a professional graphic designer and tested on real websites to make sure it grabs the attention of your visitors.

Customization Features for Any Needs, Website and Audience

Each website has its own unique audience and needs. Therefore, the Opt-In Panda provides you with advanced features to customize any aspect of your lockers.

There are plenty of additional options to configure Opt-In Panda flexibly to meet your needs. For example, you can add the countdown Timer, or the Close Cross to skip the opt-in process, or hide your lockers for registered users and more.

And Even More Powerful Features of Opt-In Panda Nulled…

  • GDPR-ready. Opt-In Panda is fully GDPR-ready. Just enable the Consent Checkbox option in settings of your locker.

  • Zapier Integration. Send data collected with your lockers to Zapier and then automatically pass them to thousands of web apps supported by Zapier.

  • Works With Caching Plugins. If you use W3 Total Cache or any other caching plugin, the Opt-In Panda will work without any problems.

  • SEO friendly. Your locked content is still visible for search bots for better SEO by default. Of course you can turn off this feature.

  • 4 Types of Locks. Lock any content manually via shortcodes or setup batch lock via one of 3 powerful modes (“Skip & Lock”, “More Tag”, “CSS Selector”).

  • Optimized For Mobile. We have adapted the plugin for mobile devices. Mobile users can obtain access to your locked content as well as desktop users.

  • Smart Targeting. Set your lockers to display on specific high traffic pages on your website. Show the locker only for non-registered visitors or PC users.

  • Delayed Content. Load your locked content via ajax (dynamically) only when the user is liked or shared your page. Perfect for loading promo codes.

  • Fast Loading. The plugin is well optimized and doesn’t add extra loads on your website. Confirmed with tests from the P3 plugin and New Relic.

  • Developer Friendly. Use the plugin events (Unlock, Lock, Ready) and hooks for customization and creating your own extensions.

Download —- Opt-In Panada Plugin | Nulled For WordPress

Downloading Process Opt-In Panda Nulled Plugin

Downloading Method For Page Builder Framework

Download Addon Opt-In Panda Premium Nulled

If you’re having trouble downloading the free Opt-In Panda Nulled Premium add-on, try disabling AdBlock for the site or try a different web browser. Disabling your adblocker or changing web browsers will not help, please contact us.

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