June 5, 2023

PowerPack For Beaver Builder v2.23.0 Nulled & WordPress Full Plugins (Script)

PowerPack For Beaver Builder v2.23.0 Nulled & WordPress Full Plugins (Script)

PowerPack For Beaver Builder v2.23.0 Nulled the Zero expands Beaver Builder to over 55 fantastic modules. It contains control modules such as radio buttons, a popup generator, and a banner generator. With the plug-in builder Beaver Powerpack, you can create beautiful websites in just a few hours. Over 150 beaver sites for various company sites. You can create a complete website with just a few clicks.

PowerPack For Beaver Builder Nulled Full Latest Version 2022

PowerPack is designed to be fast and easy. With a rich stamp library, you can create your own design in minutes. The PowerPack-style library has over 200 sectional printouts and over 150 pages. This model covers various aspects of trading and reporting. So it can be used to create a website. Our existing customers love it.
Use PowerPack Nulled to set up your website to be creative. Your plan and development are very simple. With over 55 fantastic modules, you can create any type of website from an online store to a portfolio page. It comes with ready-made stamps that are suitable for many commercial locations.

Features Of PowerPack For Beaver Builder Nulled:

    • Line Separator: A unique module that allows you to add a stylish line separator to your Beaver Builder website to make it look more attractive and appealing. Oblique, large, left, right and small triangles can be used to create beautiful section breaks on your site.

    • Contact Form 7-Module: Front style CF7 form with simple design options. No special coding required.Headline: A smart headline module that lets you write and create eye-catching headlines on a page.

    • Icon / Number List: An excellent content module that lets you create list items with 2000+ font icons or dot numbers.

    • Opening hours: Use it to see opening hours and closing hours with different design options.Image Hotspot: With the Image Hotspot module, you can easily and interactively view product features, take virtual tours, and view information.

    • Image Scrolling: This module displays your photos with different transition effects and gives you a unique way to present images on your website.

    • Image Comparison: Displays front and rear slider with frame comparison module to show the strength of your product or service.

    • Advanced Menu: Design a visually appealing and height-adjustable menu for your Beaver Builder website.

    • Filter Gallery: Create attractive galleries with filters and overlays.

    • Photo Gallery: Create attractive photo galleries with photo gallery modules.

    • Image Carousel: The Image Carousel module lets you apply unique carousel effects to photos on your website.

    • Content Grid: A powerful content grid module that lets you design visible and customizable email grids.

    • Content Tiles: Use content tiles to create a successful monthly layout for your website.Teams is a content module that allows you to present your team of experts.

    • Infobox: An excellent content module for creating fantastic content blocks with icons, titles, descriptions and call buttons/links.

    • Info List: A simple content module that allows you to view content in vertical or horizontal list format.

    • Countdown timer: Use this mode to speed up your site or build upcoming pages.

    • Publishing Timeline: The Publishing Timeline module allows you to add interactive timelines to your web pages.

    • Buttons: Use the Smart Buttons module to create eye-catching hotkeys.

    • Dual Buttons: A smart button module that lets you create visually appealing dual keyboard shortcuts.

    • Duplicate style titles: Create titles with different styles, borders and descriptions. You can create titles in two colors with two fonts.

    • Images: Allows you to view images in beautiful environments.

    • Recommendations: With a few clicks you can create a recommendation slider and carousel. You can change the look and feel by choosing one of the five predefined styles.

    • Advanced Tab: A content module that lets you create amazing tab content using preset and custom design for your Beaver Builder website.

    • Advanced Accordion: A content module that lets you create accordions with specific design choices.

    • Image Panel: Create attractive accordion-style photos with custom styles.Create beautiful menus for restaurants, cafes, bars and restaurants or include professional services.

    • Timeline: Create eye-catching timelines for your web pages.

    • Price Table: A useful content module that allows you to list your products in a variety of styles.

    • Tables: Use multiple design and sorting options to create tables with custom data.

    • Animated Titles: A creative module that allows you to create compelling and beautiful titles for your website.

    • This module allows you to create attractive one-way websites.

    • 3D Slider: Design an attractive 3D slider for your portfolio or gallery.

    • Highlight Box: A creative module that allows you to use fantastic effects to highlight the contents of the box.

    • Smart Banner: Create eye-catching ad or information blocks with prompts.

    • Create a grid or carousel to display your customer’s or partner’s logo.

    • Hover Cards: A creative module that lets you display your content in a stylish way with fluid effects.

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